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Student Success

The Division of Academic Affairs and the Assistant Vice President for Student Success build partnerships to develop campus-wide coordinated approaches to student success. The Assistant Vice President for Student Success identifies and analyzes student success risks and develops innovative ways to address them strategically. Additionally, national best practices are analyzed for the applicability at Illinois State. In particular, this position:

  • Partners with Students Affairs and other campus areas in developing solutions
  • Works closely with faculty success and development to align planning and coordinate faculty success with student success
  • Researches and analyzes data to drive student success initiatives and informs the campus community about barriers to student success
  • Researches and analyzes national best practices and considers adapting to solve the unique student success issues at Illinois State

Student Success Definition Feedback

As part of the reaccreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Illinois State is conducting a Quality Initiative (QI) to develop a campus-wide framework for student success. As part of this QI, one step is to develop a definition of student success for Illinois State. Throughout the past year, several groups on campus have been tasked with both developing and providing feedback on a draft definition of student success. The current draft defintion is as follows:

Student success at Illinois State University is preparing students for their current and future academic, personal, civic, and professional lives and instilling ISU’s core values of being a Redbird as articulated in the University’s strategic plan, Educate∙Connect∙Elevate. We are committed to an equitable, inclusive, accessible, and socially just learning community for all students and honor the cultural capital that students bring. We acknowledge that our students are evolving and will encounter life and societal challenges that will expand this definition of student success. We affirm that this work will also evolve to meet those needs. Student success, although unique to every individual, is a holistic process that consists of transformative experiences which facilitate personal and professional growth both in and outside the classroom.

Advising Success Network - Professional Development Opportunity

The professional development modules will be delivered by the Advising Success Network. In order to provide the opportunity to as many advisors as possible, three different ad hoc committees of the Academic Advising Council will be formed to deliver this professional development and then to incorporate the content into professional development for the entire advising community. Each ad hoc committee has varying time commitments and compensation. Modules will be delivered from April-December 2022; see attachments for a tentative schedule, descriptions of each module, as well as compensation details. Applications for ad hoc committees will be accepted from both academic advisors as well as those whose work relates directly to academic advising. The Academic Advising Council will make selections for each ad hoc committee based on recommendations from APLU as to the ideal committee membership.