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Enrollment Management and Academic Services

The Office of Enrollment Management and Academic Services (EMAS) oversees various university policies, procedures, and requirements related to university and program enrollment management, in addition, to initiatives which promote the academic success of prospective and current students. The Office of Admissions, Financial Aid Office, the Office of the University Registrar, University College, and the Honors Program are included as EMAS units.

EMAS units work specifically to provide a seamless transition for students during their first-year experience at Illinois State University and beyond. In addition, each EMAS unit shares common goals, which include, but are not limited to, selecting students for admission who demonstrate the best chance of success at Illinois State, providing and researching support services for all students, particularly those who are at risk, and ensuring unit-by-unit a campus environment that promotes student success. Units work to enhance and promote opportunities to assist students with declaring a major, coordinates the academic probation and reinstatement process, and works as an advocate for special needs groups such as former Illinois State and adult learner/non-traditional students, as well as students serving in the military.

The EMAS Central Management Unit coordinates enrollment management and retention strategies for the University and reviews academic policies and procedures that impact student success and progress toward graduation.

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EMAS Units

The Office of Enrollment Management and Academic Services (EMAS) is made up of the following units: